Forklift & Telehandler Financing

PO Prepay is a non-bank online funding solution which finances and simplifies trade, both cross-border and within the US

Companies registering with PO Prepay gain access to a one-stop, paperless purchasing system that removes complexity from the supply chain and provides much needed linkage, enabling them to transact with confidence and reliability – all via a secure online platform.



Our Clients transact with the confidence of a CASH BUYER


  • Increased Working Capital without additional security.

  • Improved Cash Flow for Buyer (and Seller).

  • Improved Gross Margin and EBITDA.

  • Purchases executed through STEPS are paid within 24-48 business hours.

  • No security needed over the goods or services you purchase.

  • No need to provide shipping documents.

  • Orders can be funded pre-shipment and at point of dispatch.

  • No set up costs for Buyer or Seller.


  • 100% cash settlement as soon as your buyer accepts your goods or services on the STEPS platform.

  • No need for receivables financing.

  • Improved cash flow for your business.

  • Improved customer loyalty.

  • Simple STEPS Platform onboarding process.

  • No set-up costs.

Signing Up with PO Prepay For Buyers

Only takes 2 weeks from receipt of financial information


PO Prepay Buyer & Seller Transaction Process

Can be completed online within 5 minutes

Redefining Trade Finance

PO Prepay solution is ideal for companies importing or exporting goods or services to the U.S. In fact, the approach is uniquely attractive. A PO Prepay Buyer can release full payment – in their supplier’s local currency – to their supplier anywhere in the world at any point they wish in their purchase process. A PO Prepay  Seller can receive full payment – in the currency of their choosing and the exporter can negotiate their purchase process. Both the Buyer and the Seller can complete transactions without being tied to documentation, letters of credit or even specific conditions regarding the goods they are purchasing or exporting – all online!

The Supplier can be paid much more quickly than with conventional import finance processes, therefore Buyers and Sellers can often negotiate supplier discounts in return for accelerated Buyer payment, while at the same time improving the strength of their relationships, mitigating their credit risk and adding security to their supply chain.

Of course, importers can choose exactly the credit period they require, which allows the importer to operate their complete import supply chain without ever involving any of their own cash, or interfering with existing bank lines or secured facilities.


“We came for a captive program, and General Financial and PO Prepay was an out of the box solution. We would never be able to subsidize our finance rates profitably without it. Our family has been in business since 1942, and we all agree that PO Prepay was the best decision made in the last 10 years.”

Chuck, Founder, Equipment Manufacturer

“Recent trade tariffs has made our industry uncertain. Before being introduced to this trade platform, I was being held hostage by our large US Dealers to meet their pricing and order demands. PO Prepay simplified the process, added value to the dealers, allowing all parties to overcome difficult negotiations. We are now certain that our future and profit margins are not in jeopardy.”

Luis, CFO, Global Furniture Manufacturer

“7/10 rating for our industry. Great service, very fast payments, global trade/sales are easier. However, there is a learning curve for this platform, once both seller and buyer are set up (few days) – it’s almost seamless. I will revise this rating to 10/10 when they finish integrating into our salesforce.”

Bulk Amazon Reseller, Owner, ZoverStock, Inc.

“I now have 120 days to pay my supplier. This allows me to pay cash and receive a nice discount for prepayment. The discount pays for the cost of funds while increasing my profit margin. We were also able to get rid of credit insurance and our factoring costs, by also putting our dealers on the same platform. We get paid upfront, and my heavy hitters (large volume dealers) have 120 days to pay back the order. Genius. Thanks POP!”

Mr. Bags, President & CFO, North American Furniture Importer/Exporter

“Now we provide captive financing without being our own bank, or eating into our dealers profit. We put the PO Prepay in place for our parts department, using the margins there to provide low rate financing for our dealers.”

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